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Software Central
A forum for independent software developers offering their applications. By registering with Software Central software developers get access to LicenseGenie, SoarentComputing's easy-to-implement license management engine and can utilize SoarentComputing's highly effective user management infrastructure.
In Software Central you will also find a short list of applications we at SoarentComputing think highly of and would like you to be aware of.
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FREE assessment of the requirements and the computing environment (up to 1 hour)
Individuals: $65/hr
Small Businesses & Home Offices (2-3 per class): $125/hr
Vista, Win 7 & Win 8 (1 -3 hrs)
MS Office Proficiency (10 hrs)
MS Word (2 hrs)
MS PowerPoint (3 hrs)
MS Excel (3 hrs)
MS Outlook (3 hrs)
Selected Applications
Corporations (> 3 per class): $150/hr
Quicken (2 hrs)
Palm Desktop (1 hrs)
Windows Media Player (1 hrs)
Multimedia (3 hrs)
Inquire about others