Software Management Infrastructure™
    Benefits of Signing Up
  1. It is FREE and will not flood your e-mail inbox with infomercial e-mail.
  1. It gives you access to SoarentComputing's Software Management Infrastructure™
    which comprises the following elements:
  1. an easy-to-implement,small-footprint (<100kB) Dynamic Link Library (DLL), referred to as LicenseGenie™ which takes care of every aspect of user management and encapsulates a simple update model for Microsoft Installer Packages (.msi).
  1. a central online database enabling you to instantaneously post the product-support e-mail address and the product web page URL of the software products you register with Software Central to the client-side instantiation of the LicenseGenie™ class eliminating the need for you to communicate to your users any change with internet service provider.
  1. a central encrypted online user database for each of the software products you register with Software Central enabling you to easily monitor and manage the pay status of your users.
  1. There is no limit to the number of software packages you can register.
  1. Once more than 2 users have registered for any of the LicenseGenie™ -enabled software packages you registered with Software Central you are expected to pay 10% of the package price for each additional user registering for that package and an annual maintenance fee of $25 for that software package to SoarentComputing.