Henry Limbocker - DAE:

"I had been creating an interconnected series of worksheets to track our company benefits when I came upon the EggHeadCafe, a website for programmers. I posed a question regarding a formula and Rolf from SoarentComputing came back with assistance. After a little bit of back and forth it occurred to me that Rolf was a pretty good guy.
So, when the time came for me to really make our company's Benefits Tracking workbook more robust, logical and more software-like, I came to SoarentComputing. Rolf and I spent about 30 minutes on the phone teasing out the details of the capabilities that I wanted to have regarding a template for data entry and reporting, he got to work very quickly.
Rolf upgraded my currently formulas with more dynamic one's and created a very user friendly piece of software. Rolf's effort and desire to have things work just as I had wanted them to, despite my evolving needs as I saw the possibilities open up, was tremendous and patient.
So much so was his effort that I felt it important to pay an amount over and above the quoted amount, which he was going to stick to. I did this because it is important to get what you want, but to pay a fair price for what you get.
While the work he did for me probably wasn't his life's most challenging, the moral of the story is that he paid attention to the details and looked to add value wherever possible, I wouldn't hesitate to use SoarentComputing again."

Technical Details